Learn Excel for Advanced Engineering Calculations

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Solving engineering problems is time-consuming and tedious and there's no end to the problems you need to solve.
You rarely have all the time or resources you need.
What you need is a better way to solve problems and the tools to get results faster.
Unfortunately, the Excel we know and love wasn't built for engineers.
But Excel can handle almost any engineering problem you  throw at it, if you have the right set of tools.

In Engineering with Excel, you'll discover how to use Excel to solve your engineering problems in less time.

You will learn:

✓ The Critical Excel Functions That are So Important for Engineers

✓ How to Construct Advanced Engineering Formulas in Excel

✓ The Most Efficient Ways to Work with Engineering Data in Excel

✓ Why Errors Occur in Excel and How to Design Spreadsheets to Avoid Them

✓ How to Solve Systems of Equations and Optimize Designs with Excel

✓ The Best Methods for Accurate Curve Fitting and Regression in Excel

✓ How to Use Macros and VBA to Automate Engineering Analysis

✓ Easy Methods for  Solve Calculus Problems and Differential Equations in Excel

Engineering with Excel provides a step-by-step system that helps engineers solve difficult problems quickly and accurately.

Are you struggling to the find the right solutions to your engineering problems in Excel?


This book is for you.

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Engineering with Excel comes with over 80 engineering spreadsheets (.xlsx and .xlsm format) that complement the exercises in the book.
The spreadsheets are valued at $297, but are yours free when you purchase your copy of Engineering with Excel.

What would it be like...


To have the confidence you can open Excel and solve tough engineering problems every time?
To impress your boss with unique and valuable skills?
To solve problems and perform analysis with Excel in less than half the time of your peers?
To be recognized as the go-to expert on your team?

About Charlie Young, P.E.

Charlie Young, P.E. is the founder of EngineerExcel.com where he has been teaching engineers across the globe how to leverage the capabilities of Excel for advanced engineering calculations.

He has over a decade of experience building custom engineering tools in Excel and has won an international award for his engineering models in Excel. 

Although he is experienced in advanced engineering techniques like FEA, CFD and 1-D modelling, he always relies on Excel as the most important tool in his engineering toolbox.


Praise for EngineerExcel Products:


Marcus Souza de Oliveira

Engineering Manager

"I am really enjoying the course, as an Engineering Manager I have plenty of opportunities to use VBA in my daily work, but I never had the time to learn, you course is really simple, direct to the point and it is applied to engineering, so it is perfect."

Christian Andersson

Process Engineer

"Thank you very much for an awesome course. You have really managed to fit a tremendous amount of tips, techniques, and productivity boosts into the training. I very much enjoyed it and some of the tools are true game changers and applications that I have really been wanting for a looong time. Also I think it is super-nice that almost every lessons can be applied to your work directly. Finally, great that you use applications from various fields of engineering and not just your own specialty. It makes the training accessible for both electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers. So, thank you! I will make good use of the knowledge you have shared!"


Who is this book for?


Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Structural Engineers
Aerospace Engineers
Industrial Engineers
Petroleum Engineers
Geotechnical Engineers
Engineering Students



Learn Excel for Advanced Engineering Calculations

Get $297 in free bonuses when you purchase.